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Our Mission

Repose Studio exists to help smart, sophisticated, and self-aware individuals relieve chronic stress, move past trauma, cultivate somatic intelligence, and connect to spirit for a more meaningful participation in life. 


The studio’s inclusive classes empower students to self-regulate through evidence-based mindfulness practices. The Repose experience is much more than a yoga, fitness, art, or dance class; it’s movement on purpose, intentional expansion, and true freedom of expression. We take our clients on a sophisticated journey of self-awareness, practical education, and cathartic release; it is Therapy Embodied.


A Repose class is a highly personal and quality experience. Its intuitive and highly-trained instructors meet students where they need to be met and create space for allowing without an agenda. We remind students that they have agency over their own bodies, minds, and emotional states.


As you begin to release stress and become more confident and connected, you will start to reap the benefits of consistent practice


Well-being becomes a way of life.

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An inclusive space where our classes are therapeutic on the level of mind, body and spirit.

Prenatal Yoga

Our Core Values


Repose welcomes and respects the experiences of all people. Students will never be discriminated against because of race, age, weight, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We are attuned and committed to working through our own biases and judgments. Repose is dedicated to making the wellness industry a more progressive space.

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Empowerment through Education

Repose seeks to empower clients by providing evidence-based and scientifically-informed therapeutic practices that activate the client’s own innate wisdom. Central to our therapeutic style is the notion that each individual possesses all that’s needed to heal. Through training, education, and personal development work, we aim to bridge the connection between an individual’s felt experience with our interconnected humanness.

Wellbeing As a Way of Life

Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced professionals with a strong educational foundation in mental health and have devoted ourselves to the studying of and application of respected healing modalities. We strive to embody mind-body-spirit wellness, and are deeply committed to our own learning and self-care practice. Repose does not subscribe to any one belief system, dogma or healing modality; clients are met where they are at, and where they are at is understood as where they are supposed to be.

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We are humble, honoring each client’s agency over their own experience and believing that the client is the expert of their own life. Our team is genuine and approachable. We will never claim to know what we don’t, remain self aware, and will seek the appropriate help in resolving personal matters that arise through their work as healers and educators whenever necessary. We understand the responsibility that comes by being in the role of helper and guide. We honor our ethical obligation to do no harm to those seeking our guidance.


At Repose, we believe that the look and feel of the therapeutic experience should reflect the premium investment clients make for our services. Through intentional visual consistency across all of our instructors and healing spaces to create a container of ultimate safety and stability while positively reinforcing mind-body techniques. We strive to create an environment of healing and growth, supported by the most current and premier research. Clients' needs are known and understood, and our team members dig from their own deep well of resources to create a curated experience in the emotional language of each individual. 

Mary Breen Group Practice-3.jpg

A Letter From Our Founder

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Dear Friend,


Creation of the Repose Studio has been a longtime dream. Conceived over many years and born from my own life journey, I have humbly found my way to being a practitioner of psychotherapy, yoga, and breathwork, I am thankful that my life's path has unfolded so that I may reach others through the power of somatic healing. 

As a psychotherapist and as a lifelong anxiety sufferer, I have both witnessed and experienced the burden of old patterns that keep us stuck in a cycle of defeat despite our best efforts to break free. Through the power of somatic interventions, I have become inspired by our phenomenal ability to adapt and grow. Science is also on our side when we are ready to overcome challenges. Through skill-building and repetition with guidance and support, we can rewire our brains to form new habits and ways of being in the world. We can even change the quality of our thoughts. These positive internal shifts also impact our physical wellbeing to make us more resilient to stress, trauma, and illness in the future.


The curriculum of classes at Repose has been curated to support you with finally being able to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Whether in combination with psychotherapy or as a standalone practice, the studio will offer you the tools and confidence to truly integrate self-care into your daily life. The stressors of our modern world are relentless and it's time to uplevel the way we care for ourselves by making mind-body medicine a daily practice.

My discovery of and passion for somatic healing was born out of reluctant surrender to my own imperfect, tender humanness. I fully acknowledge how difficult it is to confront the actual toll chronic stress can take on your life. Real change - real healing - is not easy, but it is possible. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you some of what I have learned on my own life journey both personally and professionally through our studio.

Mary Breen, LCSW RYT

It's time to reset.

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